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The market in Africa is one of the fastest growing markets ever.

There are currently 12 countries worldwide whose market economy has double-digit economic growth. 8 of these countries are in Africa.

Arber It is also a market that is struggling with many difficulties. Poverty, hunger, flight, unemployment and scarce education characterize this continent.

Another huge challenge is to empathize with the characteristics and habits of local business partners and their way of doing business.
Many of the things we take for granted do not work in Africa, because the approach is completely different. Misunderstandings are very fast here, and deals are bursting before things get serious. Just the terms of payment and access to banks are completely different, or nonexistent.
A single transfer usually takes up to 3 weeks, and you usually do not get a receipt. There is no such thing as an IBAN.
Also, house numbers are not available in many of the African countries!
All this makes it very complicated and tedious to develop markets for companies there.

Here we have huge advantages with our years of experience in the African market. Our team of domestic representatives is a great help and a key part of our success.Our goal is to actively contribute to making Africa a better place for its inhabitants.

Through our trade and related marketing, we have already created many jobs that will help entire families on the ground.

But we want to create even more jobs through our growth.

The aim is to sell products from Africa directly to Europe in the long term. It is important to us to do so much of the work on site. Many products, especially in agriculture, do not make it to the world market. A lack of organization and inadequate logistics and cooling options mean that a large part of the harvests simply perish.

We want to change that by not only opening a huge market for our European customers, but also opening the door to Europe for a variety of goods.

This is a win-win situation for all sides. So, we would be very pleased when trading between our partners will be possible.

So, it could be as example interesting for the company Intersnack, if we not only place their brands in Africa, but they could come directly to us also fair traded raw materials. This could be peanuts from Gambia, cashew from Guinea-Bissau, or even sesame from Burkina Faso.

If possible, the packaging should be also done in Africa, direct in packing end customers.

The opportunities are immense, and with good planning and project management, we will be able to create many hundreds more jobs. Jobs that allow parents to pay their children to school, put something nutritious on the table to eat, or even get needed medication. It's the little things that make a big impact on the ground. We would be happy, if they would support us as well.


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