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Maya Mate

Maya MateMaya Mate - live Loco

Maya Mate combines South American joy of life with the magic of the Mayas to a uniquely invigorating Mate enjoyment.

The drink Mate comes originally from South America and designated for the time being the associated drinking vessel. Today, Mate is a drink from the leaves of the Mate shrub. From this centuries-old drink, a new drink is now finished, which already has what it takes to become a classic.

The unique mate flavor casually tickles your taste buds, while the caffeine with a hip swing the way into your bloodstream.

Whether as a tart fresh classic or as a fruity alternative with pomegranate or peach ice tea, Maya Mate unleashes a magical energy in you that is as intense and engaging as life itself.

The brightly colored can gives you an "extra" kick whenever you're looking for something out of the ordinary. Experience the temperament of South America and enjoy the crazy sides of life! 

Maya Mate is available in the following variations:

Maya Mate  - original

Maya Mate  - Pomegranate

Maya Mate  - Ice Tea





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