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Global Sourcing

Our worldwide network enables us to take over the procurement marketing for our customers. No matter what our customers need, we are usually able to meet this need.

Our German office is very helpful to us.

African requests to international producers, which are made directly, are usually ignored. This is partly due to the large number of inquiries, which are usually not really real, or usually only one price is sought.

Each country has its rules and laws, without whose knowledge you are out of the race very quickly, without even knowing where your mistake was.

Ignorance of the practices of African business people makes effective communication very difficult, almost impossible.

If we are used to getting results within 72 hours, it may well be that in Africa within 3 days not even an email was read, let alone having sent a reply. What is rated in this country as "no interest" can have quite different reasons locally. Day-long power outage is often a reason for this. What is almost inconceivable to us is unfortunately part of everyday life there. Just to give an example.

Here we benefit from our years of experience in the African markets, and worldwide trading venues.

Because we are accustomed to receiving results within 72 hours, it is quite possible that not even an email was read in Africa within 3 days, or that an answer was send.



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