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Karamalz Classic - the unique taste

Karamalz Classic is a non-alcoholic malt beverage - "the" malt beverage with the characteristic caramel note, which is also the name of Karamalz. By using the best ingredients, the use of the typical caramel malt and the right dose of carbon dioxide, the unique taste of Karamalz Classic is created.

The mixture of valuable ingredients such as hops extract and barley malt - with the natural power of maltose - has been providing deliciously strong drinking pleasure for over 50 years. It is therefore the ideal drink at the end of a challenging and exciting day and a treat for the whole family.

Karamalz Classic - delicious can be so strong!
Karamalz is No. 1: Karamalz is Germany's best-selling malta drink
Karamalz, the non-alcoholic malt beverage, gives body and mind natural energy, ideal for performance, sports and leisure.
Karamalz quenches the thirst in a healthy way, because it contains only natural raw materials and is made with the addition of brewing sugar, according to the German Purity Law. 

Karamalz - for fitness and well being

•    Supports the energy-, nutrient-, vitamin- and mineral balance
•    Supports the immune system
•    Contains cholesterol-reducing malt and hop substances

Karamalz - at sport:

•    Quickly restores energy
•    Provides healthy carbohydrates plus vitamins, minerals and trace elements

Karamalz - for health and spirit

•    Promotes the ability to concentrate and react
•    Improves the stress-bearing ability
•    Supports the well being


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