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LandessaAs a brand of Ennstal Milch KG, we can only expect one thing from Landessa: the highest quality. In order to fulfill this claim, there is a secret ingredient - the best milk from local farmers. Combined with state-of-the-art production equipment and innovative packaging solutions, it's the one that makes the difference in the end. And of course the best taste.

Modern technologies

To ensure that the first-class taste and the many ingredients of the milk are retained in the finished product, the two locations use state-of-the-art production technologies. From the first heating up to the final packaging, you carry out all the steps yourself, thus guaranteeing first-class dairy products from a single source. By the way: You are not just on top of your taste - with CartoCan, the box made of cardboard, you can take on a pioneering role in packaging design.

Pure natural enjoyment

Landessa stands for natural taste - preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers therefore have no place in their products. It is better to rely on the local farmers who supply Landessa with the best milk from the Styrian Enns Valley, the Paltental and the Ausseerland - and thus with the best delights of the region.

Quality from Austria

The roots are in the Styrian Enns Valley, in the heart of the Austrian Alps. There they produce the products and from there they also source the milk - from farmers who still know their cows by name. It is the small-scale and original agriculture that gives the region its charm and the products its excellent taste. And that makes them a popular recreation area for locals and tourists alike.

CartoCan - for the sake of the environment

In addition to milk-based beverages, Landessa's CartoCan line offers the possibility of filling different functional drinks, water and fruit juices in the eco-friendly cardboard box.

A significant advantage lies in the aseptic filling method. This achieves durability for non-refrigerated storage up to one year. The trend-set, slim shape convinces at the point of sale primarily by the material properties and feel - an innovative alternative to alu can packaging.

We sell the Landessa CartoCan in the following varieties:

  • Cocoa Milk
  • Espresso shot
  • Ice Coffee Caffe Latte
  • Ice Coffee Cappuchino
  • Ice Coffee Caffe Vanilla




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